6.28 No Tech and Low Tech Tools


Two indispensable tools for math instruction can be easily partnered with Mathletics to make learning more visible and empower every learner. One is the age old math journal, used by teachers across the span of grade levels where students can record their learning and reflections and teachers can monitor student growth. No technology needed, just a crisp sheet of paper and a Ticonderoga pencil for maximum benefits.

The other option is a screen capture program like Jing. Jing is a free tool that teachers can install on classroom laptops that allows students to easily record up to five minutes of video with voice over, while capturing the images on the screen. For example, a teacher can have students work through a set of problems and record their thinking about one of the problems. (sample video here) When the student saves the video a link is auto created, so it can be easily shared. Low technology experience required for maximum benefits.